GoingVC directly connects motivated VC job seekers (that's you!) with VC firms from coast-to-coast. 

The goal?

Helping you get more VC interviews --and-- get hired. 

26% of our current members were hired by VC firms since joining GoingVC. 

Why We Built This:

The VC Job Hunt is HARD

Tell me if this story sounds familiar…  

  • You get excited about a coffee meeting or first interview with a VC  
  • It goes great! (ie. They listen to your investment thesis, ask questions about it, and tell you they’re looking to hire someone soon)
  • You follow up with an email a week later to let them know how interested you are, and then… 


Later you learn they hired the CompSci major from Stanford / MBA from Harvard / Product Manager from that one unicorn startup… or worse the guy/gal with an “in” at the firm.  

This sort of thing happens all the time in VC, but you never seem to be on the right side of that line…  

We know how this feels because we’ve been there too… and struggled for months - even years - to find the roles we were eventually hired for in VC.  


We did everything you’re doing now…  

  • We asked (begged) for warm intros to VC’s  
  • We scanned every line of CB Insights emails we got our hands on  
  • We read every VC blog out there  
  • We couchsurfed at our friends Pal Alto pad  
  • We built our investment thesis deck 
  • We got coffee with the best of them…  

But still… (at least for a while)... NO DICE

This process can be demoralizing, and you wouldn’t be blamed for giving up. 

But because we know that if you’ve made it this far, giving up simply isn’t an option… we’ve created this program.  

Introducing GoingVC

Connect with more VCs, get past first round interviews, and go deeper with firms that are actually serious about hiring - regardless of your background.


In our program you'll...

1. Meet VCs in person -- week after week

During GoingVC you can expect to personally meet (at least) 15 VCs through our live weekly video hangout.

2. Be able to ask these VCs (almost!) anything -- including how they broke into VC, what sectors they're focused on, or how you should position your experience with hiring VC firms.


After the hangout we connect you directly with the VC so you can keep building that connection

And if their firm is hiring -- or starts hiring soon -- you'll have a huge edge over other candidates.

3. Get personal intros to our coast-to-coast network of 100+ VC firms, incubators, and accelerators

Those emails on the left? 

They're some of the actual emails we sent to hiring VC firms to help GoingVC members get their foot in the door. 

(In case you were wondering, every single firm responded.)

4. Get unstuck and stay motivated -- with support from our team and your peers 

Through our members only Slack group you'll get daily VC job leads, actionable tips, and support to help you succeed. 

And I (John) will be there, too, pulling for you every step of the way...

What Else Can You Expect From The Program? 

  • Access to exclusive "under-the-radar" VC job opportunities 
  • A confidence to speak intelligently with any VC about detailed topics 
  • A massive network of investors and fellow VC job seekers  
  • A group of motivated peers, all with the same goal, pulling for you to succeed 

And much more!  


  • Is this a part time program? Can I do it while I’m working or going to school? 

It’s a part time program and the majority of participants were working full-time or going to school while they were in the program.

  • If I go through this program, will I definitely get a job in venture capital?  

No. However, 26% of GoingVC members have gone on to work full-time or intern in VC after starting the program - a rate that is many times higher than what you’d see at a top business school. And that rate has continued to grow over time.

  • I think I’m (too old/too young) for (associate/analyst) roles. Have you had anyone who “looks like” me in the program?  

We’ve had GoingVC members as young as 21 (in college!) and as “old” as people into their late 30’s in the program. In terms of career paths -- we’ve had engineers, entrepreneurs, bankers, and everyone in between.  

  • Is the program valuable for someone who is interested in VC in a specific region or city? 

As you know, you’re going to find the most VC activity and job opportunities on the coasts. That being said, we’ve have members who were not on the coasts join the program and subsequently break into the VC business. VC is all about networks, so regardless of where you are hoping to “do” VC, having that coast-to-coast network is critical.  

  • When are the weekly live video chats with VCs? I (play hoops/ice skate/underwater basket weave) on (some weeknight) and I’m afraid I’ll miss the weekly session. 


The live video chats will be on the same day/time each week (TBD). We also record every chat so you can listen/watch them on your computer or on your phone whenever you want.  

  • Is GoingVC US-focused?  


GoingVC is 100% focused on US-based VC job seekers, and so we’re only accepting applications from people whose primary residence is the US. In the future we may offer an international program. 

 Applications have closed for the Current Cohort